How to look and feel your best!

Recognising and accepting your body shape is the first step in creating a positive image that says you care about yourself and in turn this makes you feel confident. Having taken this first step in the last issue, here are a few more simple actions that will help in your journey to always looking and feeling your best:

Buy a full-length mirror

Yes really, you would be amazed at how many women do not have a full length mirror. Once you have one use it and play around with the clothes you have first.

Experiment wisely to identify and create your own personal style

Use the bodyshape guidelines, and start to understand why those items in your wardrobe have been bought and never worn!


Apply the body shape guidelines and be really objective about your shape and understand its proportions.

De-clutter with a Wardrobe Workout

Review, revise and be brave enough to discard those wardrobe items that do not fit your body shape or your style personality.

Make every day a good day

Don’t keep your nicest clothes for ‘best’, you have invested time and money in those outfits – wear them!

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Invest in a capsule wardrobe

A wardrobe that has a few essential items that don’t go out of fashion such as skirts, trousers and coats to which you can add those must have seasonal pieces.


Buy the best you can afford and get well-fitting lingerie.

Use accessories

Using accessories is a must, but use them wisely. The general rule is less is more – make sure you accent your outfit or highlight the feature you want to play up but do not overpower your outfit with all accessories: jewellery, scarf, statement shoes, glasses, hat, handbag!

Shop at the right time

And in season, there is a reason garments are left in the sale!

Jane Dare

Independent Captain Tortue Consultant 

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