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SPEAKER TOPICS: Business, Marketing, Mindset | Purpose, Soul Aligned Clients, Personal Brand, Confidence, Money Mindset, Compelling Copywriting and more…


My background is Business and Marketing, and at the start of 2019 I followed my calling into the world of Coaching.

My coaching practice is evolving, and I support my clients to make profound changes in their lives – sometimes that’s a small pivot and sometimes it’s a total transformation.

My mission is to tap into your true potential and harness it to create a life that’s packed with meaning, infuses you with joy and bliss, feels full and is spirituallyemotionally and financially rewarding.

Because of my background, I powerfully serve business owners and entrepreneurs, but my work goes much deeper than this.

I believe that all the strategies in the world will be rendered useless if you aren’t in alignment with your purposeintuition and higher selves.

Because of this, my coaching first focusses  on the Self – using my intuition and energetic awareness to help my clients tap deeply into the heart of who they are and what they truly want, and then we can work together to build a business around this, or not.

In my experience, it’s businesses that come from this rawtrue and honest place that have the most profound impact on the world…and that is what I’m on a mission to help facilitate.

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