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Sabrina Amofa has worked in the property industry since 2013, starting out with just £5000. Initially, she utilised strategies such as Rent to Rent before turning to sourcing and now she develops property. Since 2013, she has renovated just over £2.5m worth of property.

As a landlady herself, Sabrina thoroughly enjoys the perks of working in property whilst raising her young family and schooling her 10-year-old son on entrepreneurship. She gained her experience operating in the London property market in Croydon and then in 2017, she moved to South Wales to capitalise on new opportunities.

Despite many challenges and failures she has persevered creating her own lane on success. Sabrina now works with joint ventures to offer much-needed quality housing in Swansea. Gaining experience utilising various strategies has taught Sabrina the importance of understanding how to add value to property and ensure your Plan B is just as viable as plan A.  Sabrina shares her experience speaking at various property and business events.

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