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What do I do?

I help female professionals and business owners to overcome cultural and self-expectations that leave them overwhelmed, to break free what is holding them back and to level-up in a masculine world.

Ultimately achieving more than ever before without making sacrifices, living a purposeful life and feeling confident to use their voices in meetings and in the boardroom.

About Me

I have always had the ability to guide those around me through troubled times and help them to be truly open and raw. I have a natural positive energy and a resilient mindset which helps whenever I am in a situation where someone needs guidance or coaching through difficult issues. With the realisation that this was a real talent of mine, I decided to reach out to others who needed my help in finding their yellow!

My vision is to help everyone explore their true purpose, feel inspired and find fulfilment in their lives. This vision has helped me curate my business and realise my mission in helping others.

With more people being awakened to the benefits of more connection, meaningful relationships and purpose in life, I believe that we could all benefit from taking a breath and reminding ourselves to ‘Go to Yellow’ every now and again.


Full coaching program designed for female professionals and business owners

Workshop to discovering your purpose and vision for your life

A free FB group – free trainings, PDF and how-to guides

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