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Inspired by two cheeky black labs, Olive & Berry was born. It was created through a desire to find dog interior that was tailored to your home. It’s designed to look beautiful, be on trend and does not cost the world.

We sell high quality pet interior that has Superpowers! Our products are locally sourced in Yorkshire, are made out of recycled materials such as plastic bottles and a % of the profits going to supporting the homeless.

Our products include: Dog beds, bowls, leads, collars, treats and gifts.

Our favourite product is our Make Your Own Dog Bed where you can select your two favourite fabric colours (made out of the finest 100% cotton) and add a slogan/ embroidery name too. Match a dog bed to every room in your house…no more dragging the dog bed from the kitchen to the living room or the cheeky pup sleeping on your sofa!

The ambition is to be the leading/ first to mind brand that customers go to to find high quality pet interior that serves a purpose and looks great in your carefully thought out home. More products in development so watch this space!

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Leeds LS11 8LNLs11 8LN ***** http://www.oliveandberry.co.uk

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