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I became a mortgage and protection advisor almost immediately after graduating from University. It’s not the typical story you’d expect. “I studied finance and specialized in mortgages after taking a really cool course.” No. I was watching my favorite YouTuber, Madeline Olivia, record herself moving house when I had my professional epiphany. The emotions she experienced when her solicitor called to let her know they finally had a completion date moved me beyond what I could describe with words. Joy. Excitement. Relief. All secondhand, of course. This vicarious moment helped me realize that I wanted to form a career around helping others become homeowners, too.

From there, my areas of expertise grew in a very organic way. My love for the stunning architecture in my home city, Bath, pushed me to investigate the particulars in regard to the sale of listed buildings. I was quickly hooked. Living in what is, essentially, a functional piece of art is something I think everyone should be able to do once in their life.

First Time Buyers being included in my repertoire comes from a very earnest desire to see other young people lifted up onto the pedestal of homeownership. It’s a challenging market, but a huge life milestone for clients to achieve and is ever so rewarding to be a part of.

My intrigue in expat BTLs and mortgages and remortgages for immigrants also stems from my lived experience. In terms of the former, I am very much aware of the income hit that immigrating often causes. I aim to help forge the much-needed financial security for UK residents who also happen to find their temporary or permanent homes abroad. In regard to the latter, I understand viscerally the documentation required to jump the additional regulatory hurdles in order to attain a UK mortgage without citizenship. It is my goal to make that process simpler to navigate for others who choose the UK as their home and wish to plant roots.

As is the case with so many young professionals today, Covid has also had a hand in forming a sizable impact on my adult life and only served to light the fire underneath me even more. I became so much more aware of the level of protection that a new homeowner needs to consider for this process. Thus, that became an enormous part of my professional mission. I need to be a part of preparing others for whatever might befall them next and preventing that from tearing down any or all previous progress.

My lived experience continues to act as a source of inspiration for my professional life. All of the trials and tribulations that I found come with the homeownership process in the southwest of England will continue to encourage me to help others do the same – with much less of the emotional burden on their shoulders, of course.

Have I mentioned my consultations are free? Curious about how I could help you and your specific circumstances?

I would love to connect with and speak about where you are right now in the homebuying process. Message me via any of my listed socials, give me a ring, or send me an email, and we can speak today!

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