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Live streamed group exercise classes for Women. Reducing the barriers of childcare, travel and gym costs. Interactive 2-way video classes; the Instructor motivates participants and provides technique guidance for safety. Members are invited to stay online and chat after class.

Starting or returning to exercise can be scary, gyms can be intimidating places and taking those first steps can be daunting.

You also need to organise childcare, find the time to travel to and from the gym, park, pay the fees, find something appropriate to workout in in public (we all worry about this!!) and then find a class at a time that fits around the already busy family schedule. Phew! That’s a lot to think about…. I might just curl up on the sofa instead. STOP! The Mummy Maintenance Project has the answer.

I go beyond the YouTube videos, you’ve got real life support from an Instructor and you’re a community with other women, you’re all exercising together which makes it less likely that you’ll just sit on the sofa and watch the class! You can pick and choose your classes, meaning it fits in with your life; exercise when the children are in bed or doing their homework, don’t worry about travel time or what to wear – you’re at home, you’re comfortable and safe.

The instructor can see you and you can see the other class members. It’s SAFER for pre- and post-natal exercisers than doing a YouTube video.

YouTube workouts are easy to switch off…or to leave on while indulging in a bag of crisps!

Your instructor will see that you need some support and help you to continue.

You’ll also get to meet loads of like-minded women in the chat after class, taking away a lot of the loneliness that can come with being a new parent.

Classes include;

  • High Intensity Cardio – short bursts of exercise followed by a period of rest
  • Core Strength – a slow and controlled class focussing on the trunk of the body and the glutes Specific Strength classes for women runners
  • Post-Natal classes – aimed at helping women return to fitness following pregnancy and childbirth
  • Pre-Natal classes – workout classes for pregnant
  • Yoga (Coming March 2020)
  • Over 50’s specific (Coming Soon)
  • Community – you have time after the class to make friends and chat with the other members through the group video, think of it as a conference call with your besties to chat about your workout! The online forum page is available 24/7 too.
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