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I am proud to be speaking at the #Summit2020 – it’s free to join, sign up at

The working mums’ hero, and the business woman’s reality, Gail Reynolds not only shows you how she became the successful £6 Million mum and businesswoman she is today, but she also gives a heart-warming, honest and thought-provoking talk about the ups and downs of her entire life & business journey.

Gail has a personal understanding of Bereavement, Depression, Serious Illness, Anxiety, and total Financial despair & by sharing her own authentic journey she delivers an awe-inspiring story of Hope, Love, Clarity and Understanding of how life happens to all of us!

Thought Provoking Direction & Insight is her GIFT to you. YOU will not be disappointed with the advice, guidance, and leadership Gail has to offer you.

One last thing; don’t forget your pen & paper (oh & a packet of tissues), it promises to be a Roller Coaster of emotions aswell as a new way of thinking & behaving when facing problems and worries.

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