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evhop is a free, simple app for attendees to get more done at events-by giving them their time back!

Most people go to events to make new contacts.  However many admit that they do not follow up effectively on these business cards and conversations.  Which means, annoyingly, they end up undervaluing the event itself.

evhop is designed to solve this problem.  Users save an exhibitor they met with a click.  They can make a quick note to remember.  They can then progress a variety of actions directly in the app.  Everything in one place.

Just imagine:  Sitting with a coffee at the end of the event, reviewing your list of the exhibitors you met.  Simply scroll through and complete your actions right there.  Email an exhibitor to progress the conversation?  Done in a click.  Share a profile with a colleague?  Easy.  Set a reminder to deal with something when back in the office?  evhop takes care of it automatically.

So, instead of arriving home tired, stressed and wondering when you will follow up, it’s already done.  And evhop has given you back your time (and mind space) to spend where you want to.

evhop exists so attendees follow up more leads after events.  When attendees do this, they do more business.  And when they do more business, they value the event more highly.

If you organise events, or if you know an event where evhop should be offered, please get in touch.  We would love to hear from you!

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