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Hi There! My name is Nicola.

I have a couple of questions for you.

Are you disappointed with the lack of enquiries your marketing efforts are generating? Or perhaps you’re frustrated by your ad-hoc and scattergun approach to marketing?

Please don’t beat yourself up! You are brilliant at what you do. As business owners there are lots of tasks that fall squarely in our laps that we’re not familiar with and marketing is often one of those.

It’s common to jump into ‘doing’ marketing, missing out the first important step, which is developing your marketing strategy.

This is where I can help. I love helping owners of small businesses develop their marketing strategies. When you’ve nailed:

  • WHO your ideal client is
  • WHAT problems they have that you resolve and
  • WHY it’s you they should do business with

Your marketing activities will generate good quality enquiries from clients who are a perfect match.

I fill this marketing knowledge gap through marketing strategy workshops or 1:2:1 marketing coaching.

Improving your marketing results starts here, so feel free to download my eBook ‘How to Attract Your Ideal Client’

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