Addiction Specialist

 Life Coaching / Posted 6 months ago by Kirsty Strange / 94 views

Online therapy conducted worldwide via videolink on Zoom. I help women in business to overcome addiction in 4 weeks so that they can stop hiding their emotions behind their addiction, start loving themselves and become super confident in their life.

In my experience with clients, the root of addiction is in low self-worth. We look to outside substances or behaviours to meet our emotional needs, these create an imbalance in the chemicals within the mind and body. Many addiction treatments/diets are symptom-focused rather than cause-focused. By working on the cause, we can help to overcome the addiction plus reduce the potential of another addiction taking its place in the future.

The positive effect of dealing with an addiction is hugely beneficial not only to your health, and within your private life but to your business too. It is hard to create and maintain a successful career when you don’t truly believe you are worthy of success.

Contact me to arrange a free 45-minute clarity call today and take the opportunity to become all you deserve to be.

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