Top 10 Reasons Why Most People Are Not Getting Business Through LinkedIn

Linked in is probably the MOST UNDER UTILISED marketing strategy in today’s business world. LinkedIn allows you to easily connect with your ideal prospects, form relationships and develop conversations and sales. All of this WITHOUT any cold calling! You can get to your prospective decision maker quicker than with any other marketing strategy and without talking to “The Gatekeeper”! You can also position yourself for people to easily find and contact you. AND IT IS SO SIMPLE.

Here is why most people are missing out:

1. Their headline doesn’t say “what’s in it for the reader”
2. Their summary isn’t full of compelling copy
3. They don’t have enough connections
4. They don’t have enough recommendations to build the right credibility
5. Most recommendations are not written in a specific enough way
6. They do not have a process for connecting with their target market
7. They do not know how to accept connections in a way that generates leads
8. There is no free valuable information for the reader to download
9. There are no video testimonials on their profile
10. There is no other video of information to benefit the reader
11. They do not “over deliver” and “wow” their target market  (yes there are 11 made you think though).

[tweetthis]If you are serious about getting business through linked in then there are two key components that you need:[/tweetthis]

1. A powerful personal profile that gets you found when your ideal contracts or searching on LinkedIn. This needs to be compelling and full of evidence of the value you give so that when you find and connect with people you gain instant credibility with the reader.

2. A clear strategy to find connect and engage with your prospects.

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