Limiting Beliefs & Why Positive Affirmations Don’t Work…

A limiting belief is something we have come to believe about ourselves that limits our expansion as a human being. Things such as ‘I can’t lose weight’, ‘I’m no good creatively’ and ‘I have to work really hard with no rest to make money’. We have picked these up throughout our lives from our childhood and onwards, where a particular belief has been reaffirmed again and again so that it becomes a subconscious thought pattern.

A positive affirmation is used to help change these beliefs about ourselves so that we can achieve our goals and lead happy lives. As we have been taught, it should be written in the present tense and should be the complete opposite to our limiting belief. So in the case of ‘I can’t lose weight, I will always be overweight and my body isn’t designed to be thin’, we have been taught that the affirmation should go as follows – ‘I find it easy to lose weight, I am thin and enjoy eating and feeling healthy.’

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The problem with positive affirmations in the traditional sense is that it feels like a LIE. Because as soon as you look in that mirror you can see you are not thin, you feel heavy and unhealthy. When you lie to yourself it brings about negative feeling. When you feel negative feeling it only brings about the same thing… “like attracts like” as the saying goes.
When you’re working with the law of attraction it isn’t on your side until you make it on your side. You will only have positive outcomes if you FEEL positive. The LOA only responds to feelings… not words. So if the words aren’t making you feel good then it’s NO GOOD.

So we need to start writing and saying our affirmations from a place of truth and belief that creates happy feelings. So instead you could write… ‘I know I am overweight and this is something I can change, I am learning to make better choices about my eating and I am on the right path to a thinner, healthier body.’ There is nothing about this statement which is false, everything is true, it is empowering and makes you feel good as you get excited about being thinner and healthier.

Jennifer Hall – The Life Buddy

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