Like All Good Speeches, Sometimes You Need To Mix It Up A Bit

I’m Bev Hepting | The Message Maestro and I specialise in showing businesswomen how to create and deliver the perfect business message.    As an award-winning speaker and coach, I have worked with hundreds of women to take them from terrified to triumphant in the past couple of years.  From my background in Theatre, Teaching voice and speech to adults, winning speech competitions, and speaking at a variety of events, along with my experience of working with community leaders, project management and helping fundraisers get the message right to attract sponsors, I know that business relies on getting a clear message to the customer or client you work with.

At the beginning of this year, I launched The Active Speakers Club.   The ASC is to support all those people who want to speak with confidence and clarity.   It takes you on a speakers journey for those who just want to get their elevator pitch – pitch-perfect to those who want to stand on a stage and be paid to speak and share their knowledge.   I share all those speaking opportunities with my members that come my way and am in the middle of developing a directory of speakers to share will event organisers.    My passion is to get more women speakers earning the money that many male speakers get.   I want you to succeed in your business and using public speaking to make that happen.

Speaking is such a vital part of any business woman’s marketing and PR, yet so many women shy away from public speaking because it is just to stressful and scary.     It is a fact that those people who can speak well to groups of people will grow their business and their client base, quicker than just relying on Social Media or traditional marketing methods.    We live in an age where a lot of speaking goes on online.   Live streaming, webinars, video and summits to name but a few, as well as all those offline opportunities.

I want to show women in business that public speaking does not have to be pushy salesy selling from a stage.   I want you all to understand the power of good public speaking and how you can raise your visibility by speaking to groups of people.    An audience is a captured audience.  You are not competing in the noise of other businesses.   People are listening to you because they want to know what you have to say.    One of my regular sayings is ‘Get over yourself, it is not about you’.   It is always about the audience and what they need to know that only you can give them.

This summer I have revamped the Active Speakers club and have a couple of new programmes included.    One is ‘Present with Power and Passion’.  A rolling online programme that shows you how you can present without boring PowerPoint and really engage with your audience.   The other programme is for Networking groups, PR agencies and Business Coaches.   This offers them the chance to have me on retainer for their clients and/or staff.   I already work with a couple of agencies and am really looking forward to bringing this part of the business to life.

If you want to know more, if you want to take your speaking further or if you just want to get your business message nailed then talk to me. or email

We are delighted to welcome Bev to our conference this year as a speaker, book your place here.

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