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Women's Business Club Leaders

How it works

At Women's Business Club, we work in partnership with you, merging our brand with your personality. You are a businesswoman who is passionate about connecting, supporting and empowering businesswomen in your community. You’ll retain 100% of all event tickets and memberships that you sell. Your earning potential is completely uncapped, so the more you put in, the more you get out. Mocha Mornings don't have any income or any costs, it's a super simple model.

So your next decision is whether to lead a Mocha Morning (no money either way) or a full fee earning franchise  See an example here.

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How we support you

Branding & Marketing

Our brand is highly recognised across the UK and we will continue to invest in our brand reputation so that all our franchisees benefit. We also support you not only by marketing the overall brand but also by marketing your club with you.


Your success is our priority so we will offer you the highest quality mentoring and training to help you succeed in your business and in building your club. All that training we provide is transferrable to any business and the leadership skills you gain will set you up for life.


You will become a part of a team of like-minded businesswomen who will become your greatest support. Together we all grow and all succeed with the more experienced franchisees taking the fledgling franchisees under their wings.

Would you like to:

  • Manage your own working hours
  • Run your own business
  • Work around your family or hobbies
  • Determine your ideal income
  • Gain valuable business training
  • Stand out as a leader in the community
  • Be a part of a supportive team

It’s your business, you’re the boss.

We provide:

  • Monthly Income
  • CRM and Eventbrite system
  • Marketing and lead generation support
  • Financial and admin support
  • Legal support

All you need to do is connect with and build your local business community.

Are you ready?

We would love to tell you more, if you are ready to take your next steps click the enquiry button below. Don't worry, there is no commitment at this stage, we would just like to find out more about you and send you some more information about us.

"Having belonged to a few different networking groups, and organisations over the last ten years, I am very impressed with the standard of training that Angela provides for the leaders of her Women's Business Clubs. Angela is passionate about her business, and wants to give visitors to meetings at any of the business clubs, the same experience. To this end, she has given us all training as to how we can ensure this. Also, she has the confidence to recognise where her strengths lie, and employs other trainers to deliver any training where appropriate. Angela's passion for her business encourages rather than demands from her leaders in their roles." - Lis McDermott, Swindon Women's Business Club Leader

"Women's Business Club is a community of supportive women, from all ages and stages. We champion each other, find growth both professionally and personally, as well as develop meaningful relationships with one another. Through my experience over the past 2 years, initially as a member then Club leader, I have been able to realise my potential, found guidance, support and tools to encourage growth, enabling me to progress, succeed and celebrate as others achieve the same." - Sian Jones