Laura Liddell introduces Harriet Hare

Falxen Hare believes that spending time with children is the most precious gift you can give them and so has produced creative craft kits that encourage family encouragement. Harriet Hare is an enchanting toy animal and will make learning to knit fun. An innovative knitting kit so no longer is learning to knit boring or unachievable. No long scarves or blanket squares to slog through to try to finish, but small and easy clothes for Harriet Hare. Children will love seeing their Harriet Hare come to life by creating knitted clothes for her. Why not knit together? Make a dress for Harriet Hare while your child knits a simpler item? Spending time with children is the most precious gift you give them and allows for cherished memories.

The kit includes a booklet, along with Harriet Hare and the materials for knitting her wardrobe. In the booklet we learn how Harriet Hare started to knit with her granddad, a sailor. Harriet Hare starts to come to life and all she needs is someone who loves her enough to create the clothes for her new wardrobe. The exclusively designed patterns included in the booklet are simple and easy to follow. There are no knitting abbreviations, making it a perfect platform for children to learn how to understand and follow a simple knitting pattern. The designs include simple shaping, creating clothes for Harriet Hare that look good, despite being so easy to make. Children will be delighted and proud to have knitted such lovely clothes for their new, special friend and will gain a strong sense of achievement from their knitting experience. Imagine a peaceful afternoon spent sharing and learning together with this kit; much more rewarding than watching a video!

Harriet Hare is so much more than a knitting kit. Follow her adventure on line where stories are regularly uploaded for you to read. You will find she is a very lovable and cheeky little hare and gets up to all sorts of joyous mischief. she does not like to hurt people but certainly takes any opportunity to get into the middle of the action. She is already quite a celebrity having played on stage with Seth Lakeman at Colston Hall in Bristol were they performed ‘White Hare’ together. Harriet Hare stands out as ideal, not just as a fun, educational activity, but as a starting point for creative crafting and imaginative play. It is important to take time to enjoy the simple things in life and embrace the happiness this brings to you and your family.

Follow her adventures online on her blog at and the Facebook group called Harriet Hare’s Friends. By Laura Liddell Flaxen Hare

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