Large, In Your Face And Direct Is How Your Website Should Look Like

If you want to use this lockdown time wisely for your business prospects, it’s time to start rebuilding some key areas. You cannot physically go about making changes, but you can change your website. This is the perfect time to rebrand, reposition, change your ethos, and most of all, change the way your website looks and feels. The end result could be that you emerge like a phoenix instead of the same old same. Many businesses will be doing the ‘we’re back and nothing has changed’ as a way of comforting customers and welcoming them back to something that is familiar. But others will be using this opportunity to come out swinging with a new look, a new spring in their step, and ready to be more how they really want to be.



Bold and big

Rather than having small images and buttons, why not go for a larger and bolder approach? Images should be large and take up most of the screen. They should become your background, merging into each other as the user scrolls down. This keeps a continuity regarding style, but it shows the different products and or services that you create. Buttons should emerge and fade, depending on where the middle of the screen is. So as users  are scrolling down, images appear along with their button links and fade away as the users move past them. How many websites have you seen where buttons just stay in place and the background is pure white? It can look cluttered and bombard the user with too many things they don’t want. Instead, high-quality photography of your products, services, and employees, should become the background.


Introduction video

Look, it’s 2020, if you don’t have a video of your business playing instantaneously as a user lands on your website, you need to rethink your understanding of modern marketing and website design. Why is this so important? Well, users are much more used to things like YouTube and social media ads, whereby in a sea of text, they lock onto moving images i.e. videos. It’s also a good way to capture the attention of someone who is browning and lessen their participation by simply playing automatically. Beanie Media are experts in this kind of website design, as they have numerous case studies on their website that show as much. They will design your website to be in-line with the most modern practices. Using modern design data, they’ll make your website more expressive without being ‘too much’.




Navigation at the top

The days of users having to scroll all the way down to the bottom to click on your blog or ‘about us’ page are over. Everything needs to be at the top in terms of links. You should have drop-down navigation bars and the text should fit the color scheme. The bar should also move down with the user but not be intrusive. The bar can become translucent when scrolling down and opaque when hovering over with the mouse. Be creative and save space!

Website design has truly evolved to another level in 2020. These things are quickly becoming the norm across large and small businesses. Don’t be the last one who boards the train.

If you need help with setting up a new website find out more about an offer we have here.

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