Keep It Clean For A Healthy Work Environment


Keeping your office space at optimal levels of cleanliness can be a challenge. It’s a hugely important one to rise to, as not only does a clean, well organised office boost productivity but it also maintains a healthy environment for employees, minimises staff sickness and ensures a welcoming place to bring clients. Avoiding the build up of dirt and germs is an ongoing effort that you have to take responsibility for, but with a little attention to detail, you can clean up your office act.
Institute A Clear Desk Policy

Bringing in a clear desk policy in your office is a great way to keep things neat. It can also help if you want to encourage hotdesking. When you’re busy during the day, your workspace can quickly get cluttered, so reminding everyone to clear down at the end of the day stops this stretching into the next day and the one after that. Ask that all coffee cups, plates and bowls from lunch are put into the dishwasher before 4pm. Provide clearly marked convenient bins for recycling and normal waste. Move to a cloud based filing system so there are less folders and pieces of paper lying around, and ask that items are put into drawers at the end of each day so that a team of Contract Cleaners can come in and do a thorough job without personal belongings getting in the way.


Ask People Not To Eat At Their Desks

The fastest way to spread mess, dirt and bacteria? It has to be everyone eating at their desks! So you could go one step further and ask staff not to do it. Eating at your desk not only creates a messy workspace with sticky patches and crumbs in the keyboard, you also run the risk of liquid spillages damaging pricey electronics! Quite apart from that, it’s much better for your employee’s productivity, focus and mental and physical wellbeing if they take an actual lunch break to get out into the fresh air. Encourage this practice by setting up a regular lunch time walk, and providing a breakout area with a table and chairs for people to eat comfortably away from their workspace. You could also encourage health by arranging a fruit delivery for the office or getting in a yoga class teacher or a masseuse to give everyone a boost once a month.


Keep It Clean

Keep a stock of hand sanitizer gel and antibacterial wet wipes that everyone can use to wipe down their desks in between visits from the cleaners. Get into the practice of wiping down your own workspace in the morning and at night. This should kill off any viruses and keep you healthy, as well as giving you the chance to sort and organise for the next day, which keeps you on top of everything. Asking everyone to do their part keeps the whole office healthier and happier, and it only takes a very few minutes each day to keep on top of – when you combine this with a regular professional cleaning service, you’re on your way to a healthier, cleaner workplace.





Photo by Nathan Cowley from Pexels

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