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07 July – Sunny Sales

Selling can be fun!

No sales = no business! That is the brutal truth. And that is also why we are committed to helping you with your sales this month. Would you like to be sitting on a hot sunny beach this summer while your business is growing? It is possible with a solid sales pipeline in place. Would you like to have a warm sunny feeling when you do your sales rather than a stormy dark rain cloud looming over your head? It is possible with our Sunny Sales month in July.


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In July you will:

  • Get comfortable with selling
  • Learn proven sales techniques
  • Enjoy selling
  • Grow your business significantly

Join us at one of our July events as we take a look at how you can start to really and truly enjoy sales at our Business Lunches or Mastermind Boardroom. Find dates and locations at www.calendar.womensbusiness.club

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