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Join us as a leader

Stand out head and shoulders above your competitors by being a qualified business leader, an expert in your field with a large following to prove that you know your stuff! Our leaders at the Women’s Business Club are exactly that – experts in their field who are leading the way, leaving competitors in their dust.  

To qualify as a leader of a Women’s Business Club you will be a paid member who is committed to building her local business community. There is no other way to get involved, we are very selective and our leaders are highly trained and personally mentored. 

What do our leaders do?
✓ Complete The Ultimate Business Course
✓ Lead a monthly Business Lunch and Mastermind Boardroom
✓ Serve their local community through some form of charity work

What do our leaders get? 
✓ Semi-Annual Team Day on the 5th Wednesday of May and August 
✓ Access to a private Facebook group with other leaders 
✓ Earn 10% from membership sales

Contact us to find out more about becoming a Women’s Business Club leader or if you would like to own you own club, what not buy a franchise