Jennifer Hall – Empowering Women on How to be the Best Version of Themselves

Jennifer Hall (AKA The Life Buddy) has taken Facebook by storm with her empowering videos on how to stop playing it small and start being the biggest and best version of yourself. She helps women to create a business that’s in alignment with their life’s purpose and passions, removing the glass ceiling on their unlimited potential to obtain financial freedom and fulfillment!

What did you do before you went into business?

Before I started my own business I was a serial job hopper by trade! I spent most of my time in the world of recruitment and management and HATED it… hence the moving about. The only exception to the rule is when I took a huge pay cut to work for The Happy Puzzle Co. where I motivated and taught problem solving skills to school children nationwide and quickly regained my salary by moving up the ladder within the company! I LOVED that job, but when I made the decision to move locations, I had to leave. I returned to the 9-5 corporate cage, working as a manager for a big bank in internal recruitment. At this point in my life I hit rock bottom and I had to make some real changes! I started to ask myself what it was that I wanted from life and what my life’s purpose was, instead of looking at what was available to me! I decided to create my own life.

What made you make the leap into business?

The passion to be my own boss and to add value to the world! For the freedom that being your own boss brings. So I could be accountable for what I wanted from life. When I started to accept the responsibility for how awful my life was, I realised I had the power to change it and I could be responsible for my own happiness. I wanted to work with my passion and to do what made me feel alive! Essentially I wanted to feel good about life again, be the controller of my own destiny and be free!

“We only grow when we are pushed outside our comfort zone, so I make it my mission to do something every day that scares me.”  Tweet This!

Tell us about one of your scariest business moments.

Oh my goodness, so many! I reckon one of my most recent scary moments is starting to vlog and dare I say it… LIVE STREAM!! This really pushed me outside of my comfort zone. I knew it was so important in order to connect with my target audience and for them to see the vulnerable, real me… so I had to do it!

It was awful to begin with, I judged how my mouth looked when I spoke and how my voice sounded, how happy or how miserable I looked! BUT I kept going and they kept getting easier and easier (as with any fear, when you keep doing the thing that scares you it will always gets easier and the fear dissipates). We only grow when we are pushed outside our comfort zone, so I make it my mission to do something every day that scares me.

Tell us about your greatest success and failure on your journey so far.

My biggest failures are my biggest successes, because I’ve learned the most when I’ve fallen flat on my face. I believe there are no failures, except in not trying! I think my biggest success so far is living my life’s purpose. When I started my second company I was playing small, due to the fact that my first business in event planning ‘failed’ epically. I was so scared of starting up another business I decided to choose a route that would almost guarantee me clients, by becoming a Holistic Therapist! Who’s ever heard of a therapist without clients right?

But although I had a passion for aromatherapy, it didn’t bring me alive like coaching does. So I learned the hard way by running a business that wasn’t in line with my true life’s purpose. When I joined the Women’s Business Club and had mentoring from Angela De Souza, I realised that I was keeping myself small through fear of failure and I was actually avoiding the one thing that brought me alive! So embracing my coaching and finding my niche in business coaching has been my biggest success so far, because I jump out of bed in the morning to do what I love the most; helping women escape their miserable 9-5 and creating the same happiness and freedom I have!

What are your dreams for the future of your business?

I hope to run seminars worldwide helping women to realise their potential and their dreams! I want to see a revolution of empowered women stepping up to build an empire all of their own and sharing their unique gifts with the world and inspiring others to do the same. I want to create a domino effect of positive mindset and empowerment that spreads like wildfire throughout the world!

The Life Buddy

Jennifer Hall

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