Jen Wagstaff – Journey from Party Animal to Girl Boss

You might think sales is a scary business. You might believe that you’re not cut out for it.

That’s understandable. It can feel exhausting, even crushing, to get on the phone and chase your sales goals every day. If you wilt at the idea of sales, we’ve selected some ways you can transform yourself into a sales boss, and never feel intimidated by that phone again.

Sales expert, Jen Wagstaff knows a thing or two about transformations. She used to be a party animal with brightly coloured dreadlocks, 16 piercings and glow sticks in her hands. She became one of the world’s top selling experts, by changing her mindset. And you can do the same!

“Over the course of two years, I transformed myself into one of the top 5% of salespeople worldwide at FedEx Express. I then went on to create sales training material for over 1,500 salespeople across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. I amassed tens of thousands of hours of sales training experience, working with companies like Wild and Wolf, Asics, and BBC worldwide through Natural Training.”

Today, Jen runs her own business, and spends her life helping people become top performers in sales. After running thousands of workshops and coaching sessions across the country, she now wants to make that knowledge accessible and affordable for everyone.

“If I can make a big change for sales success, then so can you. It’s not as scary as it seems, I promise. Let me tell you how I went about it, and how you can do the same.”

Step 1: Shape your Strategy

What do you want to do with your life? What’s your ‘big picture’ goal?

When it comes to life and sales, it’s worth dreaming as big as you possibly can. Imagine your current ambition. What if you were to extend this? Imagine ‘pimping’ your goal.

  • If there was no limit to what you could achieve, what would you want to do?
  • Once you’re staring directly at your big, terrifying goal, cut it down to size and create a strategy for getting it done.

The problem is that a lot of people focus on the wrong goal. What’s this? Getting more clients.

What you need to do is set a clear sales target. With that in mind, you can break it down into weekly chunks and then work out how many clients you’ll need to get to achieve it. Keep thinking, “how can I sell bigger packages to more affluent clients with longer term deals?”. Create weekly actions and chart your progress as you work towards your ultimate goal.

“When I got a ‘proper job’ I moved into a different stage in my life. I realised that my ultimate ‘pimped out’ goal was buying a house. I broke that down into manageable stages, and put aside my bonuses. I hit my sales targets for 21 consecutive quarters, and… eventually, I bought the house I live in today.”

Work out where you want to go, then realise that getting there is all about taking small, consistent steps.

Step 2: Mindset

Perhaps you are the world’s most confident person. Or perhaps, you appear confident on the outside, but inside you feel terrified. You’re not alone.

“I had been promoted to global sales trainer at FedEx, aged 25, and tasked with training salespeople all over Europe. I had to give a presentation to 250 trainees in Barcelona, but I just didn’t have the confidence or the right mindset to do it. I almost gave up on everything.”

What should you do to ensure you’ve got the right mindset for sales success?

Understand that mindset has an amazing effect on business progress. Simple techniques can help you build positivity and self-belief. If you believe in yourself, there’s no limit to what you can do.

  • Expect success: when you look at the task you’re about to do, are you expecting the outcome you want, or expecting the outcome you fear?
  • Think about how you can help: instead of trying to influence or change someone’s mind. If you go in with the genuine intention of helping another person, it takes all the pressure off you and enables you to connect with the customer on a deeper level.

This positive mindset is a huge help in sales. When you look at the task you’re about to do, are you expecting the outcome you want, or expecting the outcome you fear? If you expect success, you’d be surprised how much of it comes to you.

Step 3: Habits

How do you start each day?

Developing a solid daily routine is key for successful sales habits. Some of the world’s most effective people do the same things every day. Why? It helps to reduces stress and helps you stay focused on your goals.

  • Make a habit out of starting every day with gratitude. Ask yourself: what are you pleased about today? Do it repeatedly, every morning. Over time, this actually changes neural pathways in your brain to make you happier. This will mean more positive sales conversations and better outcomes.
  • Focus on money making tasks. A lot of us get overwhelmed with admin tasks, and don’t end up making those crucial sales. From now on, divide your daily activities into those that are admin, and those that could make you money. By prioritising the tasks that lead to your goals, you’re always moving towards greater sales.
  • Keep track of your daily and weekly progress. One of the most effective ways of staying on track is bullet journaling. The right journal can give you the tools to stay on track, and embed good habits into your routine.

Follow the three steps to success, and you too can become a sales Queen! Picture success, andeward yourself along the way. Before long, you’ll be an amazingly confident sales expert.

If you’d like to develop the strategy, mindset and habits of a top sales performer then have a look at Jen’s Top Performer Journal

Written by Jamie Maier


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