Jada Sezer model. blogger. activist.

Jada Sezer completed her BSc in Counselling Psychology and specialised with an MA in Child Psychotherapy. Her dedication to inspire women and change our skewed perception of beauty led her to direct and model in her own fashion editorials which portrayed women the way she perceived beauty could and should be. Jada later signed to the world’s renowned modelling agency, Models1 and took the industry by storm.

She runs her own fashion, lifestyle and inspiration blog which continues to demonstrate that beauty is confidence and not size specific. From key speaking at empowerment events, to wearing figure hugging contemporary styles, Jada has always said:

“I don’t want to be a model, I want to be a role model”

She doesn’t shy away from disturbing the status quo, she’s refining beauty.

What made you interested in modelling in the first place?

As I was flipping through a magazine with some girl friends we got chatting about why all the girls had to look the way they did. So I had an outfit custom made, got a photographer to take some photos and put it on Tumbler. It went viral!

Twenty two years since that day, what keeps you going?

I feel like I need to keep pushing to do more to find the next thing. At the moment I feel a bit underwhelmed as I haven’t yet broken ground and changed the perception and mindset of what is beautiful.

What advice would you give to our business women about what to wear?

Dress to the occasion! Women tend to take a safe route and dress down, but don’t.

What are your top tips for curvy business women?

Shop around and make it work. Treggings are more comfortable but still smart, you can wear them with a viscose formal top. Elvi has nice large size smart clothes and Dea London specialises in business clothes.

So what’s next in your exciting journey?

I am developing my own brand at the moment – a contemporary, cool, luxury line of clothing with some denim pieces and sportswear. Basically it’s cool but comfortable. My aim is to be the first plus size range to get into Selfridges.

With a brand new business, what scares you and excites you most?

I fear that I don’t have the strength and courage to keep pushing, to keep breaking boundaries and take risks. What excites me the most is that I have the potential to help people feel better about themselves.

Jada Sezer


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