Is Cart Abandonment Killing Your Online Business?

Cart abandonment is a huge problem for online businesses and if you don’t get it under control, it can seriously affect your profits. Although it varies depending on the industry, the average cart abandonment rate is around 80%. That means that 8 out 10 people that put a product in their basket will leave the site without actually buying it. Although online retailers should always expect some level of cart abandonment, it’s so important that you find ways to convince your customers to make that final step and make a purchase. If you are struggling with a high cart abandonment rate, these are some of the best ways to fix it. 


Image by HOerwin56 from Pixabay

Improve Website Navigation 

Often, the reason that people abandon their carts is that you are putting too many hurdles in the way and making the checkout process too complicated. If people have to click through multiple pages and fill out lengthy forms before they can checkout, they are far more likely to change their mind and leave it. If you want to reduce your cart abandonment rate, your website needs to be quick and easy to navigate and your checkout process needs to be seamless. It may be worth rethinking your website design and simplifying things a bit. A streamlined website that loads quickly and is easy to navigate should help you to reduce your cart abandonment rate in a big way. 

Offer More Payment Options 

There are a lot of different ways to pay for products online these days, and if you only offer a single option, you make things more difficult for your customers and they may decide against the purchase. Obviously, you need to offer payments on a credit card, but a lot of people are also using things like Paypal, Google Wallet, and Apple Pay. Many people prefer these options because they don’t have to put their credit card details in, which means that they will steer clear of sites that don’t allow them. As these alternative payment options become more widespread, companies that don’t offer them will struggle even more with cart abandonment. Although it may be more work on your part, it will keep customers happy and convince them to checkout. 

Offer Guest Checkout Options 

If a customer uses your site on a regular basis, they won’t mind creating an account with you. This makes the checkout process easier because they can save all of their details. However, a  new customer that has never dealt with you before may not want to take the time to create an account, and they may be worried about giving you their email address. It’s important that you include a guest checkout option for these customers otherwise, they will abandon their cart. 

Send Follow Up Emails 

When people do abandon their carts, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve lost the sale. It’s important that you use your email list and send out reminder emails to anybody that has items in their basket. In many cases, this quick reminder will encourage people to come back and complete the purchase. 

If you make these simple changes, you should be able to reduce cart abandonment rates in a big way. 

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