Introduction To Graphic Design

Introduction To Graphic Design

Graphic design has long been a pivotal service for businesses today. Read on to discover everything you need to know.

Ways Your Business Can Effectively Use Graphic Design

Graphic design is a pivotal service that all businesses need to take advantage of, no matter how big or small your company is, or what industry you operate in. There are many different ways you can use graphic design to your advantage, and we will explore these in further detail below.

There is only one place to begin, and this is with web design. The importance of having an effective and visually appealing website in the current day and age cannot be overlooked. Strategically placed graphics on your website can help your business to stand out from others in the industry. However, you do need to be careful of overkill, and a professional will know how to get the balance right.

Arguably the most important graphic design service offered when making the most of unlimited graphic design as a service is logo design. Your company logo is everything your business stands for. It should not be a fad or a gimmick, as it needs to stand the test of time. It also needs to be able to be used in different media, and it should be memorable too. An expert graphic designer will ensure the brand message is not distracted by artistic value, that any changes made to the logo are distinctive, and that the logo is clear when it is made smaller for use on the likes of social media profiles.

Aside from this, graphic design can also be used for social media, packaging, and printed marketing materials too, including letterheads, brochures, and business cards.

Graphic Design As A Part Of Web Design

Graphic design services are very often overlooked by businesses when putting together a website. Surely just any image of something relevant to the subject in hand will do the job nicely? And there are loads of stock photos and sample logos already out there, available for free. Sometimes, that’s okay. But if you are aiming to create a great first impression with your website; if you want to stick in viewers’ minds, convince them to buy from you, and return again and again, then you better ensure visual appeal plays a key role when commissioning web design services.

And here’s why: a wealth of studies have been carried out into the visual appeal of differing website homepages, and the conclusion is that the average user takes just 0.05 seconds or less to form a lasting opinion of a web page. That means your own homepage has less than 50 milliseconds to make an impression, whether that’s enticing people to stay and look some more, or to navigate elsewhere – perhaps to your competitor’s page.  However, it would be a mistake to think that the visual design of your website should be highly intricate or ultra-impactful. In fact, these studies show that in many cases, the less complex and the more straightforward, the better. This is because the other factor that appeals to viewers of a website is familiarity: an e-commerce site should look as users expect an e-commerce site to look, for example.

So how does graphic design fit in with these stark messages of short attention spans and limited tolerance for the innovative? Well, good graphic design is about communicating important messages through the right combinations of text, symbols, illustrations, fonts, photography and colours. An experienced graphic designer can, therefore, make sure your key messages are conveyed to your audiences without turning them off within the first few microseconds. So what do people spend most of their time looking at when they first click on a link to your homepage? The answer may or may not surprise you: it’s your logo, closely followed by the main menu, the search box, and the site’s primary image.

Choosing A Great Graphic Design Agency Pays Dividends

Only after examining your logo and these other elements do viewers begin to focus on the text you’ve placed on your website. This emphasises the importance of creating a great first impression through the use of visuals. And the way to do this is to employ the services of a great graphic design agency. Experienced graphic designers know the principles behind creating a good first and lasting impression. But when choosing which agency you can see yourself working with, where do you start?

One good indicator is to check out their own website. Do you find it visually appealing? A quality graphic design agency will always post samples of their previous work online: look at their portfolio to determine whether they have worked with a range of businesses, and particularly with companies like yours. Do you like what you see there? If so, then next, make initial contact. Outline what you’d like them to do for you and then listen: are they enthusiastic about the project, ready to find out more about your business and how it could be improved through better graphics? Give them an indication of your budget and ask how they think they could help. If you have any deadlines in mind, check that these are achievable, given the volume of work involved and the amount they already have on their books. Your aim should be to find a graphic design agency you can build a constructive and positive, on-going relationship with.

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