Introduction To Anchor Text Use


Many of you may be thinking: “What on earth is anchor text?” Anchor text is also known as link label or link text, and is basically the text you click on a hyperlink. Therefore, anchor text is a link via the utilisation of text. For many years anchor text has been used as an effect method of SEO, it is a strategy which is used to coincide with search engine optimisation and if used effectively it can move your business website up the rankings of chief search engines. 

However, as stated it is not as simple as merely creating an anchor text link and then sitting back to enjoy floods of traffic coming into your business website – it simply does not work like that. You need to create anchor text in a certain method to reap its rewards. 

The amount of times you use anchor text is important. You need to make sure you strike the right balance between having an impact and over doing it. You want to ensure that individuals take note of your anchor text, therefore, using it once or twice encouraged, however if you use the link too much then it will be an obvious plug and people will deter from clicking it because it shows how desperate you are in trying to force them to go on your site. You need to make the viewer feel like you are providing the link for their own benefit, and not for yours. 

Another important aspect regarding the use of anchor text in digital marketing is the placing of the link; you simply cannot stick anchor text anywhere on the page as this will look ridiculous. A lot of individuals tend to place their link label at the relevant points within their article or post. This is the best way to go about it.

It is also a good idea to utilise your keywords in your anchor text hyperlink because this will aid in the rating of your business on the key search engines, such as Google and Yahoo. As you are probably already aware, it is a good idea to hit a good keyword density and keyword utilisation on your website as this will help your website climb the rankings. By using the desired keyword in your anchor text, you are aiding your ranking to an even higher extent. 

In addition to this, it is important to only post anchor text if it is relevant because the quality is essential in order for people to feel that your website is credible and genuine. There is no point posting random links in regards to your business because individuals will not feel obliged to click on them and also search engines may be inclined to think that you are simply scamming individuals as they may feel that your website is a con scheme. 

On a final note, anchor text is certainly a great way to gain excess traffic to your business website. Not only is it free to use but it is also extremely time effective and so you can reap the benefit of link labels instantly. With effective use, the sky really is the limit. 


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