An Introduction to SEO

SEO rules change very often and you might need to get ready to do further digging to become familiar with the whole process. The tips below should be enough to get you started on your own SEO journey to get your business noticed online.

  1. Submit your site.  If your site does not show up when you run a Google search you might need to verify its ownership in Google Search Console and then submit it for indexing.
  2. Analyse your keywords.  Use Google Keyword Planner  to find out the number of people who are searching for phrases or keywords within your niche.  In Google AdWords go to: Tools, Keyword Planner then ‘Find new keywords and get search volume data’ and enter your keyword(s) for example ” how to build a website”.  Analyse the data to find out is people are actually looking for your keywords. You might consider changing or amending your keywords after doing this.

    If you get stuck for keywords go to Rank Tracker (they offer a 10 day free trial) and look at your keywords’ KEI (Keyword Efficiency Index) to choose the most profitable keywords.

  3. Make use of Plugins. If you are using WordPress site make sure you install Yoast SEO plug in. Yoast will help you to increase rankings and the click through rate (CTR) for search results.
  4. Manage your online business information. Add your business to Google My Business.
  5. Consider Portability. Most people now run searches on their mobile; optimise your site to load fast and display correctly on all screen sizes. Test if your website is mobile-friendly.

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