International Women’s Day

International Women's Day Event


International Women's Day #ChooseToChallenge Fireside Chat
You are invited to attend our special event, a powerful conversation with 4 women who will #choosetochallenge

Angela De Souza - International Women's Day
Angela De Souza
CEO, Women's Business Club
I #choosetochallenge The Unrealistic Expectations on Womanhood

Thoko Owino Obare - International Women's Day
Thoko Owino Obare
NHS, EPMA Project Manager
I #choosetochallenge Inequality In The Workplace

Denise Roberts - International Women's Day
Denise Roberts
The Editor's Chair, Book Strategist
I #choosetochallenge Fear of Being Seen and Heard

Lorah-Kelly Beard - International Women's Day
Lorah-Kelly Beard
Women's Business Club, CMO
I #choosetochallenge The Stigma of Motherhood


Ticket price - pay what you like, proceeds donated to Women's Aid.

Please feel free to join in from any country, we have separated them out mostly to accommodate different time zones - however, if you can't make 8 pm you can still book and watch the recording at a time that suits you. 

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Women's Business Club is a multi-award-winning global community network that connects, supports, and empowers businesswomen. Our passion is to empower women to live out their potential, to believe in themselves and their ambitions, and to step out and confidently achieve all that they are capable of.

As 21st century women, we face so much opportunity that has been fought for and won by incredible women who refused to let what they have to offer to be cast aside. Thanks to these women the fight we face today is less about what we can achieve, and more about stepping CONFIDENTLY through the doors that the women who have gone before us have opened.

We are proud to partner with International Women’s Day, an organisation that makes way for women all over the world to step into the full potential of who they are and what they can achieve. We stand with those women who still face opposition and will always #ChoosetoChallenge those who refuse to see and appreciate the power and potential within women. We will equip our women who are ready to confidently grab hold of opportunities to step up and shine.

This International Women’s Day, Women’s Business Club will Choose to Challenge the unrealistic expectations we as women put on ourselves. Challenging the normality of overwhelm, burnout, and the heavy weight of expectation. Yes, women juggle - but we are meant to thrive rather than just survive. In the fight to secure our rights and freedom, we have managed to become more weighed down than ever with the ‘we can and need to do it all’ expectation. We choose to challenge this EXPECTATION of what we ‘should’ be doing and pave the way to discovering how you can be your full, authentic self and THRIVE!