Innovation Award

Sponsorship opportunities available for this year's Innovation Award.

The Award

Our Innovation Award is for a woman who has come up with something truly unique this year. She has either taken her existing business and turned it around by being innovative or she has started something completely new. Her innovation deserves to be recognised and celebrated.

Vote for your favourite businesswoman , book your tickets to the conference or share with someone who may be interested.

The Nominees

Bridget Wilkinson - MurderedforMoney
Chantelle Davison - Choice Words by Chantelle
Elizabeth Moore - HDPN
Gladys Clark - ENJO UK Gladys Clark
Holly Arnold - UKD Auto
Jagoda Duda - 3D Avenue LTD
Joelle Byrne -
Julianne Maitland-Moore - MiMi
Lisa Talbot - Personal Stylist
Martina Fabricci - Crispr Biotech Engineering
Rosie Cook - Rose Petals Beauty
Sally Hodgson - Sally Hodgson Doula
Shona Chambers - Shona Chambers Marketing
Tigz Rice - Tigz Rice Limited
Yvette Pearson - The Admin Wrap

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