Woman in HR and Recruitment

Optunli brings together people and opportunity and is proudly sponsoring this year's Woman in HR and Recruitment.

We started Optunli to address a problem that as professionals, managers, HR leaders and recruiters, we felt hindered and frustrated us all: the lack of visibility of opportunity and talent. We recognised that if we put the people who had the talent in direct contact with those people who needed the talent, a much more effective and empowering relationship and conversation could happen.

But we also recognised that this relationship is complex. As individuals, we don’t always know what we want, and we reserve the right to change our minds! Our circumstances change. Our priorities change. And we wanted Optunli to be able to support this reality and give people the chance to say what’s important to them and to explore different options. We also wanted to deliver incredible insight to businesses, into the skills, capabilities, ambitions - and uniquely, the motivations - of the talent around them.

How refreshing! A new kind of relationship – one that works for both businesses looking to plan for today and tomorrow; and individuals looking to manage their career.

Find out more at www.www.optunli.com

The Award

The Woman in HR and Recruitment Award is a prestigious award for any businesswoman with an outstanding HR or Recruitment trackrecord, and you have noticed the difference they make to their business' performance. Winning an award will affirm to her employees, colleagues and competitors that her company and team are delivering best practice. She stands out above the rest and deserves to be recognised.

The Nominees

Vote for your favourite woman in HR and recruitment, book your tickets to the conference or share with someone who may be interested. 

2019 Winners - 2020 nominees to be announced soon, voting will open in October.

  1. Fern Neveu
  2. Joanna Fisher
  3. Juliet Morris
  4. Kimberly Williams
  5. Sian Prigg
  6. Stacey Gilbert

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