How Your Business Should Handle Returns

It’s not the best thing in the world to hear that a customer wants a refund and send back their product they bought from your business. But don’t fret over why this happened. It’s easy to think the battle to win that particular customer is over and you won’t be hearing from them anytime soon. However you shouldn’t throw in the towel as with a great returns policy and handling you can win them back. Just by the way you handle yourself, speak to the customer, offer to listen to them, and make sure they are never in doubt that they will receive their money back, you can make them second guess your business. You will know this from your own personal shopping experience. Sometimes you don’t like what you have bought, so you just want to get your money back and be done with it so you can move on. A business that speeds up and simplifies this process shows their more mature and professional side.



Maybe it’s not what you think

Many clothing companies have actually made the return of items incredibly easy. They actually have their own standardized form of returns which they send to every customer regardless of what they have bought. Yes, it just comes with the package of things they have ordered. This doesn’t show the business to be lacking self-confidence at all in the customer’s eyes. Quite the opposite is going on. A business like Dents knows that some clothes might not have a reliable fit, therefore they have inside of every parcel a returns form. This is great in a number of ways. Firstly the customer doesn’t have to contact you and wait for a response to their query. This saves your customer service desk a lot of time. Secondly, your products will quickly be returned to you so you can put them back into your inventory ready to sell to another customer. So, design you own returns form and make it a standard to have it in every order you send out.



And back to them

Once you have received your products back, you need to have a quickfire solution to getting the desired products back out to the same customer. For example, a customer might not want a refund at all, but they want a different kind of product instead which is similar. This could be something like blue socks instead of pink socks, in the same size, design and material. However your resend parcel is not going to be part of bulk deliveries because you don’t want to keep a customer that is already slightly unhappy with their purchase waiting any longer. That’s where a next-day parcel delivery service comes into play. You have the choice of with or without parcel protection, more competitive pricing, and over 200 destinations to choose from. This service is also worldwide so you can please your foreign customers as well as domestic.

A good clean focused returns process is the mark of a truly confident and grown-up business. Give the customer a return form as standard with every delivery and speed up the process from their end if the customer wants to send something back.


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