How You Can Support More Women In Business

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Female entrepreneurs and high profile professionals are on the rise, yet the mission to close the gender gap in business sadly isn’t over yet.

In 2018, UK startups led by all female founders were given only 1.6% of funding from the venture capital industry, this equated to just £118m out of a total raised that exceeded 7bn. Essentially, this meant that only just over 1p of every £1 of funding went to all female startups, that 10p per £1 went to startups with at least one female founder — the remaining 89p per every pound being awarded to all male-start ups.

Inequality in wages and under-representation in many fields, along with gender stereotyping and instances of workplace misogyny, can all contribute to women feeling devalued in the business world.

 Supporting women in business and the professional world to aid growth and positive movements of equality is the responsibility of both genders, yet some may wonder what they can do for the cause. You don’t have to be in a financial position to invest in women in business to make a difference. It’s worth noting that raising awareness and making these kinds of issues visible (and as wide-reaching as possible) is a perfect starting point. If you are pondering where to begin and do not know how to contribute here come a few simple ideas.

Awareness via social media

In our current society, marketing ourselves and others as a brand has become so easy; it’s possible to reach out to so many people and spread the word on a good cause, or anything you feel is worth sharing for that matter. You can use your social accounts as a tool to make some noise about the female-founded businesses which are offering the products and services that you love. Also, to promote professional women who are looking to be seen in their industry and wouldn’t mind the social exposure. You can share content on Linkedin, Twitter, or whatever you prefer to use. Anytime you hear or discover something great via a female-founded business don’t be shy to rave about it, and you’ll soon get others spreading the world too.

Use their services

If you are actively making an effort to make purchases from female-founded businesses, services and brands then you are supporting the movement via helping those businesses thrive and continue to grow. You will be helping professional women to achieve in what can be, at times, a hostile space in terms of inequality and representation of diversity. If you’re passionate about supporting women in the business world, this is one of the very best things you can do to make a difference. In turn, it’s likely that others will be keen to support you in your own professional ventures when you need it.

Create a female-founded business

Well, there’s nothing like supporting the industry and the cause by getting involved yourself! If you are a woman who has always wanted to start her own business yet isn’t sure where to begin, there are plenty of diverse success stories out there to inspire you! Many women are representing hard work, talent and excellent services across a wide variety of different industries. There’s Kellie Brown who founded Fig & Bloom after studying, initially, fashion and later floral design in New York; the company specialises in an array of indoor plants, flowers and other beautiful items that are perfect for unique gifts. Then there’s Ann Boden, the  UK based CEO of Starling Bank (a mobile-only bank service). She started her career at Lloyd’s bank and went onto to be named as one of ‘Europe’s top 50 women working in tech’ by Forbes! There’s Jessi Baker who started Provenance– a company that tracks the origins of food and other goods to determine whether there are ethically sourced (a real wow service in our current environmental climate) — not forgetting Rikke Rosenlund who founded the popular BorrowMyDoggy app for the pooch-loving amongst you!

Share your knowledge

If you have an area of expertise that you can share, whether it’s as the owner of a small/mid-sized business or skills as a professional in your field, then you can support others by mentoring them. Everyone starts out somewhere and once doors are opened for one professional they can often gain the influence to help another ambitious person on their way!

If you are in a position to high female professionals, same goes- you might just be giving someone who deserves it the foot in the door that they need.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can offer your support by reaching out to women in the business world. Sharing your own success stories is another excellent way to inspire others and increase morale. Now let’s take a look at some of the other support out there that’s available for the aspiring female professional.

Support Organisations

Several organisations work to offer support and resources for female entrepreneurs and professionals to help them develop and grow. For instance, there is ‘Blooming Founders’ which is a social network for female entrepreneurs in the early stages of development. There’s ‘Code First: Girls’ who are engaged in a campaign to help teach 20,000 women learn how to code by the end of 2020! (They quite rightly want to get more women into the tech industry). There is also the British Association of Women Entrepreneurs ( BAWE), this organisation works to promote personal development, networking opportunities and training ones too.

The critical thing to remember, is that it’s not too late to turn things around if you are not currently where you want to be in your career. Perhaps you feel that there might be a business idea in you that’s going to take shape in the future? In a harsh climate it’s key to channel positivity and summon your strengths. The best piece of advice is to value your ambitions and strive to build a community around you of like-minded people; for support and networking opportunities.

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