How To Take The First Steps As A Female Musician

If you’re a musician or singer, you are probably wondering how to start on the journey of getting yourself into the magical world of music. If you’re a woman especially, it can feel more difficult, you may feel swallowed up in what feels like a male dominated industry. If you’re keen to perform and you feel you are ready to start creating music and performing, then there are plenty of ways to start getting yourself noticed as well as being savvy with your marketing. As with any type of business, you will need to market yourself well and send out the right materials to show off the best of yourself, or your band. You may want to start creating music and if you have the means to do that on your laptop, you might want to start mixing and creating CDs. 


Create! Create! Create! 

There is nothing more important than getting creative with your work. If you have already started mixing on an Apple in Garageband or similar, you may want to start recording onto CDs. Once you have your CDs you can look at cd printing and gather them together. Often record companies will reject any unsolicited CDs sent by mail but this doesn’t mean you can’t send your CDs to local radio stations. Take a look around, more than likely there are quite a few small local radios, even hospital radio stations that may be happy to play your music, if it is a good fit. If your music is a little too niche, then don’t worry, you may have to just research a little further but you will find someone will be happy to play. There are also plenty of digital radio stations so again this is another great option.



Get Online

There are lots of websites that will let you house music. Apple music, Amazon music and Spotify are some of the big ones but if you want to start getting your music out and able to share it across social media then Sound Cloud is a brilliant start and it will allow you to upload your music with any graphics and information and often people can download or listen to your music which is great; people may download your music and use it on YouTube which is great exposure for you and the opportunities are endless for online promotion of your music. It is truly a huge world! 


Start Singing Live

If you have the necessary equipment, you could probably start to look at doing some live gigs. Bear in mind that your own equipment may be necessary because some venues do not offer this and will expect you to have your own which is best if you are used to practicing with your own mics and sound systems. There is certainly nothing to stop you from doing this and being a woman should certainly not hold you back in your confidence of singing live. Talk to locations and bars that you feel comfortable with, especially if you’re a solo woman. 




Image by Vitabello from Pixabay

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