How To Start Your Own Fashion Design Business

Starting your own fashion business can be a rewarding and creative experience. If you have the passion and the design flair, you could be creating amazing pieces for sale. The world is your oyster, and starting your business need not take much money. If you are willing to put in the effort to help it grow, you could have a profitable company within a short space of time. 

You will need to have the creativity and some dressmaking skills. This is an area that you can’t take any shortcuts in, so gaining the knowledge and experience that you need here will require you to study and practice.

What You Will Need To Start

Fundamentally, you will need some dressmaking kit such as sewing machines, as well as measuring and cutting tools. You will need to find fabric and silk wholesale so that you are getting the best price for your materials. Having access to the best prices for your cloth, thread and accessories are essential. 

The Easiest Route To Market

One of the best ways to get into selling your fashion is through sites such as Etsy. It is possible to create an online store to generate sales. You will need clear, professional-looking photographs that display your clothing in the best light, along with well-written product descriptions and sizing guides. 

You will want to promote this page away from Etsy, so start a website using a service such as WordPress or Wix. Build up a social media presence too. Share often, and do as much as you can to entice new followers. You may want to offer up an item from your online store as an incentive in a viral marketing campaign. Get people to like, comment, and share your posts to broaden your reach, and provide one person at random with a prize for doing this. 

Building Brand

If you want to take it to the next level, you need to build your brand. Having a clear aesthetic in your designs will make your work recognizable. Think about having a catchy name and logo for your fashion company, and be sure you present yourself as a professional business at all times. 

Think about offering some of your items to fashion bloggers so that you can build your reputation. If there is a celebrity that you admire that would wear your clothing well, it might be worth approaching their agent and offering them a garment for free. This may lead to your dress been seen if they wear the item in photos or on TV. 

Become A Supplier

You may want to explore the possibility of getting your clothes sold by some independent retailers. Try approaching any within your local area that you feel your brand may suit. You will need to come in with a price that you will be willing to sell for that allows an additional margin for the retailer. Be prepared for this to be considerably lower than you would sell them yourself, but factor the economy of scale that becoming a supplier may add. 

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