How to Protect Your Reputation

It was so lovely to have Lorna Jackson from Advance and Get Noticed with us at the Southampton meeting talking about everything PR.

As I sat and listened to her, I found myself having a conversation in my head with my critic.

It was listening to the stories of the other people and muttering that my stories are not that good. 

Isn’t it funny how I can listen to others and bring their stories to life and value their story but not my own. Well for a few minutes anyway.

Thank goodness I know how to Manage My Critic

I was quickly able to reassure my critic that all was okay. That freed me up to ask questions and be curious and reach out and ask Lorna for help. 

Part of me knew that I was just being too hard on myself and I wasn’t wrong.

Today she sent me the press release for my book and my fundraising appeal and it made me cry. A good cry sparked because reading the story reminded me of the journey I have been on, and the change that has happened because of my commitment to myself, my family and my dreams. 

Wow – yes I do have a story and so do you. You, your teams and your clients have things to say that matter and add value to the lives of others. It brings us together as a community and it reassures others they are not alone and it inspires and gives hope. 

So my message to you is this.

Never underestimate the value of your story or the impact it could have on someone else’s life.

Start thinking now about the difference you make in the lives of your clients and think about how sharing that story could empower, connect and support others.

It is about getting more business and it isn’t.

It is more about sharing your wisdom, skills and support to a wider audience so that people know that ‘your kind of help’ is available and yes they may well come to you.

But more importantly they will be informed. 

Better still our local press will be filled with inspiring and motivational stories instead of a lot of the scaremonger stories that can so often consume the media. 

While with us Lorna left us with a great handout about how to protect your reputation.

Thank you for listening





Sheryl Andrews  – Southampton Women’s Business Club Leader  and Step by Step Listening

 Supporting you to manage yourself, time and others to ensure you live your life with purpose and without apology. 




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