How To Protect Your Business Premises

Picture by Milosz Klinowski from Unsplash – CC0 Licence 

First rule of business, protect your investment – Etiquette of the Banker 1775.

In recent years, there has been an increase in business owners devoting more of their resources to protecting and preserving their company data. While it is crucial to prevent cyberattacks, and a data breach, it is still just as essential to safeguard your company’s physical premises. 

From lean manufacturing consulting businesses to retail shops, car garages to call centres, the likelihood is you have invested a lot of money on equipment to create the product or service you offer. 

If you take a second to think about how your business would function if your company’s possessions were stolen or damaged, you would likely need to close your business for a little while. To find the money to fund or rent new equipment. And if you don’t have enough capital, you’ll need to wait for your insurance company to send you through a lump sum of money. But that’s on the basis that you have business contents insurance.

To deter and prevent unknown individuals from entering the premises, here are some examples of security equipment you can install.

Security Doors

Business owners who are conscious about protecting their investment, install security screen doors to make it impossible for criminals to enter. Or at least incredibly difficult.

Statistics reveal the most common entryway burglars use is the doorway. Shockingly, 21% of burglaries are achieved by using an unlocked door.


Quality CCTV surveys the access points to your building enables you or your security team to keep tabs of who is entering and leaving the premises. CCTV is an excellent deterrent for criminals who don’t want to risk being filmed. 

Plus, if the worst-case scenario should happen, and a burglary occurs, you will have proof of who did it. And can hand the CCTV recordings as evidence to the police and your insurance company.


Coupled with CCTV, there should always be sufficient lighting around your business complex to lighten up darker areas. Firstly, it makes your staff feel much safer when entering and leaving the workplace. And it’s ideal for providing clear videos on CCTV and eliminating dark spaces for crooks to hide in.

Intruder Alarm

If a criminal tries to enter the property, an intruder alarm shall bring attention to their presence. Plus it’s likely to frighten and cause the perpetrator to leave. As they’ll fear neighbouring business owners and the police may hear about the premises being broken into.

Security Signs

When choosing to fix an intruder alarm, CCTV and so on to your business, always add a clear sign that illustrates the security measures you have taken on the premises. By instructing criminals and opportunists hoping to fulfil a quick burglary, that your company is equipped with security equipment, criminals will be less likely to try and enter.

To prevent company downtime, and the stressful scenario of a criminal accessing your enterprise, installing the security equipment above can help you prevent a burglary from taking place.

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