How to Pass the SHL Personality Test

How can you pass the SHL Personality test? This might seem like a bit of a trick question, but there are ways to make sure that the test goes well, and ways to avoid getting into any sort of trouble for trying to alter the results. What do we mean by that?

Well, to put it shortly, everyone has a personality that they typically only display at work. This personality is what the SHL Test measures and looks at. It is interested in how you behave at work and how this impacts your performance. An ability to answer these questions in a way that is coherent and consistent can make all of the difference in how your employer views you and approaches you in the work environment.

Your personality traits are measured and reviewed over 32 different aspects and then broken down into several categories, that indicate how you will perform and relate to your co-workers.

The personality traits will be measured and then grouped into the following categories:

  1. Relationships
  2. Sociability
  3. Influence
  4. Empathy
  5. Thinking

This test is extremely robust, physiologically speaking, as it is created in such a way that it is very hard to fake your answers! That means that answering honestly and in a considered manner is the best way to approach the test, as you will be able to pass this score and still look good, when it comes to application-reviewing time.

So How can you Get the Best Possible Score?

To start with, make sure you are comfortable with the time-limit that is imposed upon you. This time-limit applies to all tests, but it can feel very stressful in the personality test, where you really have to consider your options. Time management can make or break your test scores on test day. SHL tests are known for being brutal with their time-limits, so getting good at managing your time is a vital part of the process. You see, if you want to grow and build your career, you need to get a great score, but you have to get it quickly. Understand what they are asking, what they are testing and approach your answers accordingly. If you understand what they are asking you, and you practice answering and making decisions quickly, you’ll have a much easier time of it!

Not only that, but you should absolutely pay attention to how you approach the test as a whole. Learn to understand who you are as a person and how you approach things come test time. Know who you are as an employer. Know your strengths, your weaknesses and your priorities. Understand yourself and what makes you tick.

What do you need to perform well on test day? What do you need to have on hand, keep in mind and prepare in order to get the best possible results? Do you need extra sleep before a test, or does eight hours work well enough? What food leaves you feeling energized instead of tired and lethargic? How do you feel when you take a few moments to stretch and breathe? Take care of yourself, mentally and physically, in the days leading up to the test. There’s no point staying up late and cramming only to fail because you were too tired to understand the questions that were asked.

Do your best to get comfortable before the test, too. Get comfortable, take a few deep breaths, wear things that make you feel good, and come in feeling good, feeling confident and ready to tackle the world. There is no substitute for knowing yourself and feeling ready, confident and comfortable come test day.

So, now you have a great understanding of how to pass the personality portion of the SHL test battery. Make sure that you take the time to review the cognitive portions of the test, as they are much harder to pass (and you are measured against your cohorts in these tests). That said, a strong test-taking foundation and plenty of time to practice is a recipe for success when it comes to creating a lasting change in your career and getting that job that you’ve always wanted. Good luck!

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