How To Move Your Business Outside To Accommodate COVID Restrictions


COVID-19 is putting massive restrictions on businesses across sectors. It’s having an enormous impact on what people can buy and how companies operate. 

In light of this, many brands are taking the plunge and moving their operations outdoors. The idea is to provide a similar level of service to customers while avoiding some of the pandemic-related restrictions. 

Obviously, the situation is changing all the time. But applying some basic principles could make a massive difference. So what can you do to move your business outside and succeed in this new marketplace? 


Get A Permit

If you want to conduct business operations in the open air, you may need a permit. Take a look at the fine print provided by the local authorities and see what it says. Check that you’re within your legal rights to conduct open-air business on your premises. 

If the fine print forbids it, prepare for negotiations. Given the extreme circumstances, many authorities may be willing to change the rules in certain situations. If in doubt, speak with an attorney. 


Dress Your Patio Area

If you have a patio area and you’re allowed to trade outside, the next consideration is how to dress it. You want to make it a place that customers actually want to spend time.

If you own a pub or bar, then consider placing plants and shrubs around the perimeter of the area to make it more attractive. Add cigarette bins for beer gardens and provide a gazebo for shade from the sun. 

If you own a gym or a workout studio, you may be able to hold classes outside. Again, you’ll need a large gazebo to provide shade. And you may want to put markers on the floor to comply with social distancing requirements. 

If you operate a hair salon, nail studio or even a photography business, you can adopt a similar policy. Instead of hosting people inside, you use whatever outdoor space you have available. 


Tell Your Customers About The Move

Given the risk that COVID presents, many customers will be happy about the fact that you’re providing services outside. It’ll make them feel safer. 

To get the word out, send out newsletters and edit your website to reflect the changes that you are making. Also send out shout-outs on your social media and try to get the local media to cover the story. 

The trick here is to ensure that you craft a consistent message across all your platforms. Tell customers that you’ve found a new way of doing business and that you’re prepared to do whatever you need to do to keep people safe. 

Whenever you move your business outside, remember to follow the rules. Try to educate your employees on how they can prevent the spread of infection. Don’t allow large employee gatherings or meetings inside and if you hold them outside, then ensure that people stay distanced apart. If you can, create flexible sick leave. Do whatever you can to prevent people from showing up to work sick. 



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