How to Maintain Good Customer Service in an E-commerce Business

E-commerce is the business of buying and selling things over the internet using any electronic device, such as mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. You can find pretty much anything on the internet that you would want or need, such as plane tickets, books, clothes and more; however, ordering this way gives you little human contact and less chance to experience great customer service. Here are the ways that e-commerce businesses can maintain good customer service while conducting business online.

Be Organised

The customer service team in your business has the power to build great relationships and trust with customers, which can be crucial for the company. Therefore, empowering this team to be efficient and organised in their job role can be a game-changer. Ensure that the team has tools to collaborate and share information, such as a shared inbox, so that no customer queries or complaints go undetected. These should be answered in a timely manner to assure the customer that they are being listened to and taken care of. If you are a fast-growing company, ensure that you keep processes organised and retain loyal customers using an e-commerce fulfilment service such as Zendbox, which will take care of everything from warehouse storage to delivery.

Personalise Your Approach

These days, customers want more than a general response to their query or complaint and will often expect you to not only get personal with them, but also continue a meaningful and ongoing relationship with them. This way, the customer is made to feel special and wouldn’t dare to look anywhere else for their product or service. With the popularity of social media, customers will expect a business to respond to them using a variety of sources, so businesses will need to be up to date in all their online communication methods. For example, customers might wish to contact you through Twitter or Facebook, whereas others might prefer to use more traditional methods such as phoning or emailing in to talk to you.

Encourage Customer Reviews

Inviting customer reviews and proactively responding to them can help customers view your brand in a better light and can help them to feel heard and empowered. Reviews are not only important for influencing buying decisions, but they also allow you to gain valuable feedback on areas that could be improved, such as products and services, or the customer experience. Use a reviewing site or create a comments section on each product page to give customers a chance to start communicating about your product or service. Don’t be put off by negative reviews – just ensure that these are responded to in a timely manner, using a sympathetic tone in the hope that you will be able to turn their experience around and keep them loyal to your business. 

Although these points might seem general, they are crucial to keeping customers loyal to your business and saving you costs on continually attracting new ones. So, try and implement these strategies where possible and remember that no approach is final and can be changed and updated over time.



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