How to Keep to Time While Working From Home


There is no one who hasn’t been affected by the present climate; individuals and businesses alike. It’s crazy, but the world has to do what the world does best; adapt. Best believe that if the land is contaminated, humans will take to the sea. Likewise, if low grounds are problematic, we will literally run for the hills. In the same vein, it’s only logical to work from home while human contact is a bit of a risk. For the most part, it sounds like a walk in the park, but it poses quite a few challenges. The major challenge here is keeping time or meeting deadlines. It’s quite hard to deliver at times, even in a structured office environment. So, here are a few tips to help you meet those deadlines every single time.

Deal with distractions

Sure, most offices aren’t rigid and uncomfortable, but they offer a lot of structure. So it makes sense that you’d be able to get a lot more work done in that space. It’s a different ball game at home because it’s most likely incredibly comfortable. Besides the level of comfort, the distractions are a whole other thing. You’ll have to resist the temptation to catch up on all your favorite shows till after work. You’ll also have to learn how to regulate the activity around you especially if you have kids or simply don’t leave alone. 

A good way to ensure you’re productive enough to get things done on time is to confine yourself to a specific space. Do not simply plop your laptop down on any surface and start working, carve out a sacred space. It’ll help you keep everyone out and isolate yourself when it’s needed. One major rule to stick to is to stay off social media. It is tempting to sneak a peak, but it’s a rabbit hole you should never let yourself go down. It all starts with one comment on a post, the next thing, you’re streaming a live video. 

Motivate yourself

You are definitely going to need to give yourself a pep talk… or a hundred. If one thing is clear here, it’s the fact that it’s not particularly easy to work from home. So, you need to prep yourself to make the most of your day. There is nothing better than a few reassuring words to yourself, psych yourself up and accept that you can take on the day. 

A lot of motivational speakers will tell you that the battle is all in the mind. So, once you win the battle in your head, the rest is a piece of cake. There are a handful of other ways to motivate yourself to get your work done on time. You don’t necessarily have to go the same way everyone else does. So, simply pick what works best for you.

Dish out those rewards

Apart from the paycheck you receive at the end of your work month, you really need to plan some sort of reward-based system. It’s hard enough having to work in a less structured environment, so you really need to make sure you pat yourself on the back when you achieve your goals. Equally, find a way to make the tasks more enjoyable. 

Whether you are trying to market some branded reusable coffee cups or you’re simply answering emails, look for ways to spruce the process up. There is more than one way to get things done and when you have an end in sight, it makes it easier for you to race to the finish line. You really cannot fully mimic the structured nature of a typical office space, but you can try your very best to make things work.

Dress up

Now, this may seem like a weird thing to do considering you’re just at home trying to go about your business. But, what you wear to work from home can greatly affect how you handle tasks. Sure, it sounds great to simply pull on your favorite jammies and start clicking away. There’s only one feeling your pajamas can truly give you and it’s that it’s a good time to lay back and relax. 

So, this is not actually about how you look, in fact that’s far from it. It’s truly all about how a good pair of pants and a button-up shirt makes you feel. There is a sense of purpose when you put on something that’s not necessarily meant for sleeping in. Also, note that you do not have to put on your full workplace regalia. No, that would be odd, simply make sure you’re not wearing clothes you sleep in. Sweatpants and a clean shirt will do the trick.

Plan, plan, plan

If you’re going to work from home, and not just work from home, but actually meet all your deadlines, you need to plan. Having a game plan going in ensures that you are not just running around like a headless chicken. Sure, some people prefer to see where the day takes them and if you fall into that category try not to over plan. Nevertheless, there has to be some kind of structure applied. 

Working from home presents a whole different set of challenges when compared to working at the office. So, you really need to rise to the challenge.  One great route to take is simply taking some time out to create some sort of a to-do list to follow throughout the day. Make sure the list goes from the most urgent to the least so you can meet all your targets in order.

Find your sweet spot

Besides setting up a separate, distraction-free space zone for work, it’s important to find the right spot. Just because you have a home office set up does not mean that you have to use it. This is even more true when you can’t stand that space, or you are only used to working there in short bursts of time. To get ahead here, it’s wise to look around your house for a space that really calls to you. 

Yes, it has to give you enough privacy to get things done. But the most important thing is that it gives you the opportunity to actually get work done. It does not even have to be a formal space, just a nice comfortable space that gives you the drive to meet all your targets efficiently and on time too. Once you find your sweet spot, you will find that it’s incredibly easy to get work done. You’ll also find your flow and those deadlines will no longer seem incredibly daunting. 

Don’t stay cooped up

It’s very easy to suddenly isolate yourself especially in times like this. Now, if you want to remain productive, you really need to make sure you don’t become a hobbit. It will affect your long-term productivity and health. Being physically strong is an important part of staying on top of your game. So, take a walk once in a while, go for a run, anything that helps you break a sweat. 

Also, keep your mind alert by giving yourself some time to move around. Simply becoming a recluse will lead you down a rabbit hole that will eventually affect your work. So, if you really want to meet those deadlines, you have to compartmentalize and get out of your workspace once in a while.

Take breaks and take it easy

It’s easy to put a whole lot of pressure on yourself especially when there is a deadline in sight. The thing is if you burn yourself out, you will not get the work done well. You may meet the deadline, but what’s the point if you don’t hand in quality work? Besides the quality of the work, it’s not good for your mental and physical health. It is already hard enough that human contact is limited and you cannot live the life you used to. There is no need to further aggravate yourself’ if the aim is to be productive. Set reachable goals and only take on work if you know you can deliver it on time. 

While working from home, ensure that you allot enough time for breaks. You need to slow down once in a while because mental energy needs a refill.  Also, make time for family and friends because, now more than ever, you need to maintain a balance. 


Work will always be time-sensitive, regardless of where you’re doing it from. As easy as it is to make excuses as you go, it’s better to simply adapt. With the above points, you can really get in there and maximize your space and times to deliver excellent work. Besides all this, try not to put too much pressure on yourself. For the most part, you will learn the tricks of the trade along the way. So, trust the process and you’ll get the hang of it as you continue to brave the planes of working from home.

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