How to Keep a Mobile Business Running Smoothly

We tend to think of running a business involving renting an office or working from home, but this isn’t always the case. Some business owners make their money from travelling to place to place, either by visiting people in their home for their work, or because the nature of their job demands that they have to be in different places, as in the case of gardeners or home decorators. While a job that involves being on the road has plenty of benefits, it’s also true that they can be difficult to keep running smoothly, since everything is slightly more chaotic. Below, we take a look at five tips that’ll help you to keep things ticking over without problems.

Select Area

It is tempting to make the catchment area of where you’re willing to work as large as possible, but it’s a temptation that’s best avoided, especially if you’re a one-person business. The further you have to travel, the more likely it is that you’ll run into problems; you can never be 100% sure what’s going to happen on the roads. If you’re pushing yourself to make a two-hour journey, all it’ll take is one small delay, and suddenly you’re wasting far too much time. The time you’d spend traveling would be better spent trying to grow your business locally. Just take the jobs that you know won’t present you with any issues when it comes to getting there.

On top of Maintenance

Everyone’s vehicle is important, but when you’re using it for your work, it’s even more crucial. As such, it’s imperative that you take more steps than your average person to stay on top of your car’s maintenance, and all the other equipment you need for your work. If your car breaks down, or your trailer axles aren’t working properly, then you won’t just have to cover the cost of having them repaired – you may also miss out on a day’s work, which means no income. There’s no excuse for missing a job because of something that could have been prevented had you been more proactive.

Dedicated Office Time

You’re going to spend a lot of your time on the road, working with clients. But just because the bulk of your work takes place off-site, you’ll need to set aside some hours to take care of all the admin and paperwork that goes along with running a business. How many hours this will require will depend on how much work this involves, but you should be earmarking a couple of hours each week for admin duties, including thinking up ways to get more clients.

Out of Hours

If your job involves meeting with people in their homes, you’ll want to limit your availability when it comes to your hours. This is a problem that many business owners have, but especially those who deal with the public, who are usually ready to call only when evening arrives. Set a voicemail and call back the following day – it’ll do wonders for your work/life balance.


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