How To Help an Employee After An Unexpected Accident

No matter how much you do your best to avoid accidents, they do, and will, happen. As a business owner, it’s crucially important to be available to help an employee after an unexpected accident. But, exactly how can this be done?

Below are some top tips on how you can offer help to any employee that has experienced an accident at work.

Seek Medical Assistance First and Foremost

Prioritise seeking medical assistance for the employee who has been injured above all else. For minor injuries that have been sustained, a first-aid Officer should be able to help. However, for serious accidents, the person will need to be seen by a medical professional. Call emergency services if the injury causes concern and, make sure that the employee is treated immediately.

File A Report Asap

In order for an employee to claim compensation for a workplace accident, they’ll need their employer to file a report detailing what happened. Employers have an obligation to file reports of any type of injury that’s incurred within the workplace. There are typically two types of reports applicable here: a First Report or Injury/Illness – record all information in the report detailing the time that the injury occurred, and the series of events that follow/preceded.

Understand The Toll It Takes On An Employee

It’s important to offer empathy and understanding to your employees – they are human after all. Depending on the severity of the injury that’s occurred, it’s likely that the person will be taking time off work. Consider a personal call rather than an email to wish the employee well and discuss the next steps.

It’s surprising just how much a voice on the other end of a phone can comfort and reassure somebody in times of need.

Cooperate When It Comes To Compensation

No employer wants to experience the strain of a compensation claim against their business, however, by being prepared and cooperative you’ll greatly reduce the stress felt on both sides of the situation. Make sure that the correct documentation has been compiled and be sure to hand this information over when asked to do so. Always consult with the compensation experts to get a better idea of the overall procedure when it comes to claims so that nobody is left in the dark.

Offer Additional Support Where You Can

When it comes to an injured employee, once a monetary claim has been dealt with depending on the severity of the accident, they may have to take a significant amount of time out from work.

Reassure the employee that arrangements will be made to accommodate their needs. For some roles, it’s a good idea to look into a work from home situation if they want to continue working and of course, welcome them back when they’ve recovered.

Prevent The Same Accident From Occurring Again

There are many laws and policies in place to ensure that every employee has a safe environment to work in and good working conditions. However, it may be worth reassessing the layout of an office space, for example, if the injury could have been prevented. Though this isn’t possible for all accidents, do what is possible to prevent risk to employees in the future.

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