How To Find New Clients For Your Business


If you are reliant on clients for your business, you need to be proactive when it comes to searching for them. While some people will naturally find out about your business themselves, be that on classified websites or through word-of-mouth, you still need to look for clients yourself. By doing so, you will always have a steady stream of people to work for, and you will have a better chance of profiting your business. 

So, where do you start? Well, here are some ideas that we hope you find useful.


#1: Find new clients online

Thank goodness for the internet, as it can make searching for new clients a doddle.

You can browse online tenders, visit freelance job sites, and search for the people likely to use your business on social media. You might find new clients on industry forums too, and if you’re selling to businesses, you will also find the websites of the people likely to use your services. 


#2: Find new clients at a trade show

By setting yourself up with a stall at a trade show, you will have a place to market whatever service you are selling. Provided the trade show is designed to cater for your type of client, you will have no trouble meeting new people. 

Still, you do need to work hard at the trade show to ensure success. You should set up eye-catching displays to ensure people actually wander over to your stall. And you should also perfect your sales pitch, as there will be other businesses like yours promoting what they offer at the trade show.

Be sure to arm yourself with business cards, and hand them out when appropriate. Be sure to collect phone numbers and email addresses too, as while prospective clients might have your business card in their wallets, you might need to be the one who reminds them of your existence!


#3: Set up your own corporate event

While you could visit the corporate events that have been set up by others, including conferences, workshops, and the aforementioned trade shows, you could also set up your own. If you advertise your business at those places where your prospective clients are likely to be, both online and off, you might well get the right people coming through your doors. 

Follow our tips on running a successful corporate event, and then consider the type of event you might hold to attract new clients to your side. 


#4: Seek the assistance of other business owners

You are unlikely to receive the assistance of a rival business owner, but if you can join with a non-competing business, you might be able to find new clients through their list of contacts. 

If you were a freelance writer, for example, you could speak to a web design company, as their clients might want people to write copy for their blogs. Or if you were selling cakes, you could speak to wedding planners who might know of people wanting goods such as yours at their wedding. 

Those are but a couple of examples, but you get the idea. Look for people you can ally with, and benefit from the clients they can put you in touch with. 

These are just some of the ways in which you can find new clients for your business but commit to further research to discover other ideas. The more proactive you are the better, as you will be able to reach new clients before your rivals get to them first.



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