How To Empower Your Brand


Branding is hugely important to your business and its success. While some people see logos and brand colors as decoration, they don’t realize the benefit of branding and the power it can have. Look at companies like Coca Cola and McDonald’s, their logos are so recognizable and so popular, but what makes them any different to other drinks or fast-food companies? Of course, both did not achieve success overnight, but they also haven’t changed much and are two of the most iconic brands of all time. 

The definition of branding is “a marketing practice in which a company creates a name, symbol, or design that is easily identifiable as belonging to the company.” Branding helps people to identify products, and it helps to set them aside from other similar products and services. Branding almost like a first impression, it needs to make a memorable impression on your consumers, but it also needs to tell your customers and clients what they can expect from you and your company. It needs to show a clear message, a clear story, and somehow say to your customers that your product is better than anyone else’s. 

So, how can you empower your brand? 

Your Logo

Your logo is essentially your company’s first impression and needs to make a statement; it needs to be attractive and iconic. You need to be really careful about your logo because it’s something that sticks, and you can’t easily change it. 

Your Website

Your website is essentially your shop window, but if it’s interactive, it can be far better than a shop window; your customers can go into a shop and find out so much more than they ever could from just the window, so your website needs to have this facility too. Check out 3rdly web development services for how you can make your website something that will really empower your brand. If you don’t have a website, or if it takes ages to load, it is hard to navigate around, looks dated, or doesn’t have much information on it, then people will leave and go to a competitor. Today, people will judge your business from your website, and if it looks like can’t be bothered to have a decent website, then this will give a bad impression of your whole company. 

Your Stationary And Merchandise

When businesses are looking to cut costs, it is usually things like the stationary and merchandise that are the first to go. However, this stuff is an integral part of your brand, and if the competition has its own merchandise, then you need it to. Your merchandise can even make you more money by being another business stream. For example, if you own a cafe, then selling your own branded reusable coffee cups is a great way to make some extra money. You could also try selling tote bags, pens and mugs too. Remember that while you might think merchandise costs money, it is also free advertising, it attracts more customers, and it is an easy way to spread the word about your company. 




Image by birgl from Pixabay 

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