How to Create Multiple Streams of Automated Income: Angela De Souza – 03.04.2020

"If ever there was a time to have multiple streams of income it's now."

It's always a good time to start developing multiple streams of income, in fact, the best time to start is now! You may be surprised at how many streams of income you already have right at your fingertips based on what you are already passionate about and already doing in your business or career. It's like building a jigsaw puzzle, you already have all the pieces you just need to know how they fit together and how to monetise it. Join me, Angela De Souza, for this exclusive webinar where I share my secrets and how I managed to create multiple streams of income and then automate most of the process.

This is suitable for complete beginners in business to the biggest corporation because what we cover is principles that can be scaled. Invite your friends or a team from your company, and let's see how we can get these streams flowing for you.


Key Learnings

Quick Wins

How to identify, create and implement quick wins


Mastering the available tech to manage your streams


Creating powerful marketing messages that convert


Your Speaker - Angela De Souza

Having built a national company from her kitchen table with zero capital Angela is now on a mission to unlock the potential that exists within each and every business in the UK. She is a prolific writer, author of 29 books with several more in progress. Each book is written in plain English by offering a no-nonsense approach to business and life.  The words go from the page to the stage as Angela shares her message as a motivational speaker, trainer and founder of the national business support network, Women’s Business Club.

Angela’s passion is to unleash business potential on a national level and has even designed her own Metacognition methodology which sets true thought leaders apart from everyone else. The ability to master one’s mind is one of the most basic, yet most powerful, skills to develop and those who do so will find it easier to get through rough patches, catapult ahead of competitors, think outside the box and generally find more creative solutions in business and life.

A regular speaker across the UK, Angela speaks to the SME and corporate market as well as to individuals about their development and growth.

Angela is keen to ensure that all businesses and business owners mental well-being is taken care of so they can also improve their relationship with those around them and whom they lead, as they are able to assess their thought processes and reframe the way they think to adapt to new situations. Angela can speak about Metacognition at schools, companies, churches, conferences and even on a soapbox on the street corner if needs be as the message is relevant and necessary for all to hear. Young people would achieve better grades and have a more fulfilled education if trained in metacognition, employees and teams would be more productive and happier with their new found awareness, startups may survive the rough patches during the early days and the knock-on effect would affect business, families, the economy and ultimately the nation!  Metacognition is a must for all.

Angela is a trained speaker and she speaks at events across the UK for both business and/or personal development to men and women.  

In her spare time, Angela prefers to do simple things such as decorate her house, have cuddles with her husband, children and grandchildren on the sofa in pyjamas or practice her piano or Bob Ross painting.

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