How to count significant figures in a number?

Mathematics is a subject that most people are not fond of. It involves a lot of concept understanding and state of the art calculation abilities. It is not possible for every individual to possess these skills. This is the reason why people struggle when they do not have a liking for numbers, formulae and logic. The concepts related to significant figures are used for mathematics, chemistry and other disciplines. These calculations go well if you have a thorough understanding of the rules.


Running through significant figures rules

Some of the key rules which you need to know about are listed below.


All non-zero digits are counted as significant

 This is the basic but a highly important rule which is used when you are solving problems related to significant figures. Suppose that you have the following number.

2355 and you have to determine the number of significant digits in this number. In accordance with this rule, the answer is 4. The reason being that all digits are non-zero.


In non-decimal numbers, zeros between two significant digits are counted as significant

Let us go through a proper example for understanding this point.

Suppose that you have the following number.


In the above number, one zero appears between 2 and 5 while the other two are present at the end. Hence, there will be a total of 4 significant figures. The last two zeroes would not be counted as they do not have significant digits on the left and right.


The trailing zeros in decimal numbers are counted as significant

Consider that you have the number given below for which the significant digit count needs to be calculated.


In the above number, there will be a total of 5 significant digits. As this number has a decimal, the last two zeroes would be counted as significant.


Rules are not that simple to remember

For some people, it may not be that hard to remember these rules and implement them correctly.  It is all about how interested you are in mathematics. If you are not in love with the definitions and concepts, it would be quite hard for you to remember these rules and use them effectively. Unfortunately, most people do not have a serious liking for this discipline. Remembering rules for them is nothing less than climbing Mount Everest. An easier option for all such people is using a sig fig calculator.


The Sigfig Calculator

Using a tool and selecting a credible one are two very different things. Users face a lot of inconvenience when they end up with the wrong tool. Several alternatives for significant figure calculators are available on the internet. As a user, you have to be smart enough to pick the right one. The calculator by is a must consideration since it is better than other tools developed for the same purpose.


A strong programming framework to produce accurate outputs

The key purpose of using any tool is getting accurate results. Through manual methods, getting accurate results is not very much possible. Even the best individuals make errors while doing it. However, the accuracy of results in case of Sig fig Calculator also depends on the dependability of implemented algorithms.

  • The best programming practices have been used to develop this tool so accuracy is certainly not a problem. Once the tool has produced the results, there is no need to recheck anything. In other words, you can depend on the results produced without having any doubt in mind. It is not one of the calculators that get hung if the users use them multiple times.


 No need to be a mathematician

This calculator is not used by mathematicians only. Anyone who has to perform these calculations in one way or other would find this tool handy. The interface is quite easy so even if you do not in-depth knowledge of significant figures rules, no difference would be made.

  • At times, students working on chemistry assignments may come across significant figure problems. It is not necessary that they would be well aware of the rules and important points. Thus, using this calculator would be a better alternative for them.


Free access is a plus

There is no need to swipe your credit card and make a digital purchase. The access to this tool is 100% free so the financial standing of the user does not matter at all. As no money has to be spent at all, any user can use it.


What are the stages of using this calculator?

The following steps have to be completed once you have opened the link.


Enter the number which you wish to round off

Consider that you want to round off the number 25366, simply enter it in the first box and move to the next step.


Enter the number of significant digits for rounding off

How many digits do you want the number to be rounded off? Let us consider that in this case, you need to round off the number to 3 significant digits.


Understanding / viewing the result

When you enter the inputs mentioned above, the following result will be shown on your screen.


How was this generated? The right most digit is 6 which is greater than 5. Hence, 1 will be added to the digit on its left and the number would be dropped. Similarly, the second last digit is also a 6 so the same process will be repeated.



This SigFig calculator is ideal for people who have weak concepts. It is not a piece of cake for everyone to learn these rules. A major percentage of people have no idea how these principles are applied. Hence, to solve these problems, an online calculator becomes a suitable alternative for such users.

This calculator does not put any accuracy problems on the table which is a big relief. In this way, none of the answers have to be rechecked and or confirmed.


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