How To Be A Boss That People Like

A lot of businesses are turning to new styles of leadership and management. Bosses that rule with an iron fist aren’t the way anymore. These days, a good boss needs to learn to adapt and lead with their actions. A boss doesn’t just lead people anymore. If you want to improve your relationship with your employees, try some of these things to make your employees love having you as a boss. 



Give Employee Benefits

Employee benefits, on top of their salary, are a good way to show appreciation for hard work. You could offer things like Recognition Awards at the end of the year to show appreciation for a job well done, or arrange things like happy hour drinks, lunch at the end of a tough project, or snacks on a Friday. Show that you notice their hard work. By acknowledging their effort, people will feel valued and are more likely to be loyal to you. 


Allow Freedom Of Action

Good bosses know that micro-management could limit the performance of their team. To work as efficiently as you can, you need to show confidence and trust in the abilities of your team. This will create a more positive work environment. The best bosses encourage circular leadership in their office. For example, if an employee sees something in the business that would benefit from immediate attention, they should feel able to take appropriate action to solve it, even if it isn’t part of their job. Some employees might feel like they need to rack up titles before they can lead and take action. Don’t make them feel like this. 


See Your Team For Who They Are, Not What They Are

A lot of employees can feel as though they are being judged by labels. A great boss must see their team without labels. Get to know your employees, so you can delegate work according to their passion, skills, and abilities, not just by their job title or description. The best bosses judge people by their actions and what inspires them. 

Take the time to talk to your staff, and ask them about what problems they see within the organization and what makes them feel inspired to take action and lead change. This way you’re more likely to have a team of people that will want to work hard for you, not just to the limits of their job title. 


Lead By Example

A great boss wouldn’t ask an employee to do something that they’re aren’t willing to do themselves. It’s more effective to lead with your actions. The best way to inspire your employees is usually not going to be with rousing speeches, but with what you do. Be willing to get stuck in, and get your hands dirty when you need to. 

Most classic management tactics will tell you to delegate, not participate. If you want your team to like and respect you, they need to see you getting involved with them in the daily tasks that need doing. 



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