How focusing on finance will slow business growth to a snail’s pace

The world has changed.

I’m not sure when it happened but employees are no longer prepared to work as hard simply to pay the bills and watch others make their fortune. What’s more, if you run your own company and you are honest, I suspect that money alone just does not inspire you fully either.

Yet there is good news.

There is actually a far better way . . . a way for you to achieve something far more inspiring, which will win the hearts and minds of your staff AND drive revenue growth more powerfully. Would you like to know more?

Well . . . let me tell you a story. Unilever had gone through many years without seeing much revenue growth. Then new CEO, Paul Polman set them a challenge, to double growth. He knew the money focus would not be enough on its own. An exceptional CEO and business leader, he challenged his people to search for a ‘higher purpose’, a way that Unilever could improve the lives of others. He knew that would motivate them. They chose to make the world a better place! For example, in third world countries, they reduced the size of their products and created programmes to encourage children to use Palmolive to wash their hands far more often. As a result, far fewer children are dying! There are many similar examples all over Unilever and, because the staff are inspired by their higher purpose, this huge company is well on the way to doubling revenue growth. Impressive!

Now compare that to most businesses where staff never really engage fully, let alone commit their energy and focus to creating something extraordinary.

Let us move closer to home. The predominant driver of the Women’s Business Club is not to make money but to inspire and empower women to become all that they can be – and to help them to develop the skills to do just that. Their vision is of a community of happy, fulfilled business women achieving everything they ever dreamt of – with the massively positive impact this can have both locally and nationally.
Intrigued?  So how can you uncover a higher purpose that will inspire you and your staff?

5 steps to finding your higher purpose:

  1. Write down, or draw, (if you are creative) a list of what inspires you – both small and big things, in and out of work. Make sure you push your thinking
  2. Carry a notepad around and notice where you think there’s a problem you’d love to help solve. (Not necessarily linked to work at this stage, just note down anything that catches your attention)
  3. When your lists are comprehensive, go back and star the ones that appeal the most.
  4. Share the sub set with your staff and people who understand you and your business. Bouncing ideas off others helps you to gain clarity. Talk to your favourite customers and see what resonates with them
  5. Give it time. A higher purpose has the power to grow your business tenfold – and to change the world, in a small or massive way. You deserve to give your ideas time to percolate. 

I look forward to hearing of your incredible success.

By Jane Bromley, MD Strategenic  Ltd.
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