How are you getting on with 2020?

February is our ‘Mindset’ themed month and at our Cheltenham Business lunch meet up, we gathered to take stock of our the goals we set out in January and ask ourselves – are we still on track, have we lost momentum or the passion?
Whatever stage we are at in our careers and business, we can all admit to having those moments where the passion goes, or we come across a blockage in our path.
This month we were joined by our fabulous guest speaker Clare Honeyfield, With over 20yrs experience of working with social enterprises and artisan products, Clare brought her vision and depth of knowledge and experiences to help us understand how our mindset can truly elevate our outcomes.  Clare has worked with hundreds of small businesses and is also a Founding Director of the National Association of Farmer’s markets. Clare took us through her story and shared some of challenges she’d overcome, we spent time as a group discussing our own challenges and explored practical ways in which we can work on overcoming the negative games our minds play. It was great to see how the attendees openly shared their stories and were able to support each other. 
Clare has kindly shared her latest blog Business Women’s Club 02-2020 with us and reflects on how we can make everyday count and at the core of our actions consider how we can/are bringing value to others and to never give up! Please take the time to read and feel free to share your thoughts and any tips you have that have worked for you.
What a great meet up, so much discussed and a real sense of how, as a group of women, we can share our struggles honestly, support each other, connect and continue this in between the meetings also. The club is not just about the meet up once a month
Thank you to all the guests who joined us this month, we look forward to you becoming part of this community, our doors are open if you’d are interested in visiting us one month to meet us and experience how we are building our success stories..together #bettertogether 
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