Hillary Clinton – Cheltenham Literature Talk 2017

On 15th October 2017, I was very lucky enough to see the US’ former first lady and secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton, talk at our very own Cheltenham Literature Festival. This is was one of the few stops of Hillary’s UK visit in which she talks about her new book, What Happened, a detailed account of her whole campaign journey and the aftermath of 2016’s shocking and historic presidential election, which did leave the world asking “what happened?” 

As you can imagine, this was a highly popular event and one that will be remembered, well it is certainly an experience that will stay with me for quite some time. During the talk Hillary discussed a range of topics from 2016’s election, Russian interference and sexism, not only in politics but in general. The talk began with Hillary talking about four lessons: 

1) Everyone gets knocked down, but it is important to get back up. 

2) To rid sexism in politics, there needs to be more women in politics, as representation matters.

3) The forces that were at work within the 2016 election are still with us.

4) “No such thing as an alternative fact.”

It was fascinating to listen to this talk and to understand what happened last year, but what I think I enjoyed the most was hearing Hillary talk about the importance of supporting woman, because even though it is 2017, there is still a long way to go in regards to equality.  The one tip she gave to woman is that they should be supported from a young age, so that they feel that they can achieve their dreams and ambitions. Communities all around the world have to give woman of all ages and backgrounds confidence to believe that their voice is important and should be heard. Hearing Hillary talk about this issue was important to me, as it is a something that I feel very strongly about. 

“Empower voices of both boys and girls in equal settings […] boys need to get used to hearing girl’s voices.” 

This talk was eye-opening and inspiring, which did leave me feeling like I could achieve anything and make a difference in the world and I was very lucky that I was given the opportunity to attend. The event was live streamed and can now be found on Cheltenham’s Festival YouTube channel, by clicking here

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